Barenaked Ladies 1/oct/15 at o2 ABC glasgow

on Thursday evening, I accompanied my wife to see one of here favourite bands in the big town, 4 Canadian middle-aged men in a band called Barenaked Ladies. The gig was great fun with plenty of crowd interaction and making everyone laugh. It was a good show. they played a good range of new and […]

#live – Steve Taylor & the Perfect Foil – 22nd April 2015 Webster hall, New York.  @StevetaylorTPF

In my round-up of 2014, two of my top 10 favourite albums were “Goliath” by Steve Taylor & the Perfect Foil, and “Solid Gold Heart” by Jad Fair & Danielson. I recently had the opportunity to go to New York and by an extreme coincidence I managed to get tickets to see both Danielson and […]

Films about family #Mistakenforstrangers and #thelegomovie

Over the last two weeks I have seen two films. Thats good going for me, normally I get to see a 5 or 6 childrens films and 1or2 non family friendly films a year in the cinema. And generally it ranks in this way Aardman films, rare quality with humour and delight. Pixar films, very […]

Kung Fu Panda

Kung Fu Panda is great. We hit a 10 am showing of the film at the Vue cinema at Hamilton. Quite good fun. The story is the a group of kung fu masters have to protect the valley from an enemy who is better than they are. The olod kung fu master says he will […]

Alphabeat at Oran Mor, Glasgow, july 9th 2007

Alphabeat were totally on form yesterday. What a gig!They played a short (ish) set, about 1hour 15mins. but managed to get through the whole of “This is Alphabeat” album and also a deliciously awesome cover version of Sugababes, “Push the button”. anyway the review… The Alphabeat gig has been posponed since June. We turned up […]