screaming in a sound proof room

One of the most annoying things is when someone builds something new and thinks of everything, covers all bases and ensures the layout is accurate and well thought out. The only problem is they don’t actually do that job well. I blame two people for this current issue the council and the installers of the […]

How my year compares to those that know! (music)

The magazines are rushing to tell everyone who will listen how what has been good and what has been bad this year. me I don’t read many music magazines anymore. I prefer to listen to music and decide if it is something good, entertaining worthy of buying or not. I am also guided by radio […]

The singer and the voice from…

Glasvegas. So whats with the voice then I like an accent as much as the next man. I mean one of favourite singers of all time, Karin Bergquist (from Over the Rhine) has an accent which has become more pronounced and obvious as she has changed from the formally trained sound of the bands early […]

London (re) Calling – 1

We have returned My son Jacob and myself have taken advantage of some of my holiday time to take a short break in london. we had a great time and did it reasonably cheaply as well. Anyway big thanks to my wife (Jacob’s mum), Rich for tech support, Matt for the food and chat, and […]

Which Apprentice finalist are you?

Your results: Mostly Cs: Commiserations! You are HELENE! You’re quite nice, and people don’t find you offensive, but you’ve had a terrible life, poor love. Still, you’ve managed to get this far, and it’s a testament to your professionalism and Global Pricing Leadership that you have, so well done you. You prove to the world […]

website development

Hey sorry about the lack of blogs. Currently I am trying to put my domain in order so a work in progrss some links work (Blog, Links) the others don’t currently. anyway check it out http://www.schelp.co.uk Technorati Tags: website development, schelp.co.uk, scott paget