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Barenaked Ladies 1/oct/15 at o2 ABC glasgow

on Thursday evening, I accompanied my wife to see one of here favourite bands in the big town, 4 Canadian middle-aged men in a band called Barenaked Ladies. The gig was great fun with plenty of crowd interaction and making everyone laugh. It was a good show. they played a good range of new and […]

#live – Steve Taylor & the Perfect Foil – 22nd April 2015 Webster hall, New York.  @StevetaylorTPF

In my round-up of 2014, two of my top 10 favourite albums were “Goliath” by Steve Taylor & the Perfect Foil, and “Solid Gold Heart” by Jad Fair & Danielson. I recently had the opportunity to go to New York and by an extreme coincidence I managed to get tickets to see both Danielson and […]

advent 14 – Hadestown at Celtic Connections.

Anaïs Mitchell ‘Hadestown’ is definately in my top ten albums of 2010. I have just seen on the Celtic Conections website that they are putting on the album during the festival. with Anaïs Mitchell herself, Ani DiFranco and my friend Iain Morrison. now that should be a concert worth seeing. well done celtic connections. tickets […]

Alphabeat at Oran Mor, Glasgow, july 9th 2007

Alphabeat were totally on form yesterday. What a gig!They played a short (ish) set, about 1hour 15mins. but managed to get through the whole of “This is Alphabeat” album and also a deliciously awesome cover version of Sugababes, “Push the button”. anyway the review… The Alphabeat gig has been posponed since June. We turned up […]