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reflecting on the election – #GE2015

So the responses to the general election 2015 are long and varied. For myself, I like my reflection with a sense of humour so here goes with a brief round-up of responses. American PJ O’Rouke is on the money with “A Point of View” for BBC Radio 4 – The more explosive reaction, with […]

Consumption – Death on the Instalment plan.

Will Self is a great writer, and his attitude, accent and physicality make him a compelling personality. This i have gathered through watching the TV stuff I have seen him on. Quite often i find the way he phrases things as quite precise and generally hilarious. maybe its the delivery, maybe its the writing, either […]

open source

****** warning slightly too much detail about my life, if you want to miss this part, read again after the end of warning start part****** The radio in our bathroom is usually tuned to radio 4I was in the toilet and turned on the radio. ******End of too much info stuff****** As I was listening […]