sunday in new york

Sunday in New York is a fearsome prospect

We woke up to find out that American Tv were taking great delight in playing Ghost with Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore and Whoopi Goldberg on The Tv with a 7.30am start time.
Like Enough Already

We had been told about some churches near Times Square and decided if possible to find one of these churches. We looked in the “Not For Tourist’s” guidebook, (which we found absolutely invaluable!) and found the address of one of the churches. We headed that way about 10 am on a quiet sunny New York morning.
Times square was dead.
The restaurants were shut.
For once the city was at peace.

We walked. All over the block where this church should have been. Could we find it?
So we walked and walked. And walked we walked. Intuition was leading us north. So we followed, until we hit Central Park. This was a busy place on a sunny morning. The baseball pitches were full with little league teams. The horses and carriages were busy. We walked and tried to spot where Home Alone, CSI and Law and Order had filmed. On Friday my friend Sarah had asked if we were free to have lunch with her on Sunday after here triumphant 5k run. I joked only if here race was in New York. We walked through the park little. And found that morning the park was hosting a central park marathon.

I thought of my friend.

We saw a church building and headed for it. My wife said she wanted a drink. We went to the church. Lutheran hmmmm. Where’s the Presbyterians or Baptists when you need them Huh? We left the church building as the people gathered for the service. We went to the new Warner tower. It is massive and contains the most expensive real estate in Manhattan. We were just looking for a bodega or deli to get a drink for my wife from. All the shops at the Warner place were shut. Borders had a star bucks but that was shut. We exited by a side door. We saw another star bucks. We avoided it like the plague and walked down an empty avenue a little.

We found a deli and we had hot bagels and cold drinks. We also started tutting at the tourists and how frustrating they can be.

We walked outside and saw David letterman’s studio. I mentioned this but then remembered I didn’t really like his smug smarmy way of talking down to people or thinking he is quite funny when to be honest. He’s not
We decided to go to the baseball instead.
We walked to the Yankees shop just of Times Square. Yes there was a game on
Yes there were tickets available.
No we couldn’t buy them their machine was down.

There was another shop about a mile across town. We headed their got tickets; the girl said it took about 30 minutes on the underground. We went back to the hotel to drop my backpack and various stuff off. By the time we went for the underground. It was 20 minutes to first pitch.

We took a D train. It was pretty busy with people going to the game. It went up town fast. I was pretty happy with it. When we got to 145 streets the driver announced due to a “Police Incident” the train would be stopping there. So would the B train the other option? To get to Yankee stadium we needed to get the 4 trains.

At this point I felt annoyed. The crowds ran off the train. My wife told me to just follow the crowd and see where they go. We went off the train, up the stairs and left the station. I was vaguely worried. We were in the middle of Harlem. The entire crowd made a beeline for a bus. We followed. The subway ticket got us on to the bus for a transfer. We went across town. All the normal residents were just taking the bus when they were invaded by a mostly tourist predominantly white crowd of people who didn’t really know where they were going. After 20 minutes across town on the busiest bus in the world we all ran out at the next station. We waited for 20 minutes for a train to come. As we boarded the train, the station announcer announced that the D and B trains had restarted.


The trip to the station was painless; we got in and were guided to the escalator. Except it was turned off. We climbed the 4 flights of escalators in no time. We found our seats and sat down by the bottom of the 3rd innings.
The seats were great and game was fun.
We were really high up and it was quite an incline with small stairs. I was quite worried about them selling beer. Not from people fighting but from people falling off balance and killing themselves. Not much in the way of safety barriers.

The most entertaining part of the game was at the end of the 7th- beginning of the 8th. They bought out the ground staff to clean the bases to YMCA. About six guys started to walk away from us dragging their cleaners. The PA Played YMCA by the Village people. The guys did a kind of thumping motion with one hand. They dragged round and turned back as the song was played. All the Americans near us were standing up clapping and singing along. At the chorus the ground staff dropped their dragging things and did the actions. I think it got the biggest cheer of the afternoon.


As we tried to find the subway and almost got lost, we discussed and decided Sunday evening would be a cool, time to go up the empire state building. The underground went to empire state building stop. We went queued. Had our picture taken, went in the fastest lift in the world…ever. The empire state building was the first building to get a zip code for itself.

The views are cool
You can really see the skyline and just it is quite beautiful.

We left the empire state building and decided to use the tourist bus tickets we had left and do the night loop. It takes you round the city and across the bridge into and round Brooklyn then back across the bridge.

We caught the last bus that day. It felt good. It was warm and dusk as we started. The tour was long but really gave some great views of the city. Our guide was a large man who managed to spot and have eaten in every restaurant in the City and Brooklyn. He was funny though and we didn’t notice how cold it had become. As we drove I became weary. We say some nice sites.

In Manhattan skyscrapers by law have to leave some lights on all night to create the skyline. Every building in Times Square has to be covered in neon signs for at least 25% of its signage.

I was tired and mentally turning off and winding down.
We got off the bus at 10pm is in Times Square. We headed to the Midtown Chinese buffet. It was quiet and looked reasonably cheap and cheerful. Frankly I needed something quick and easy or I would have fallen over, probably. The service was lousy and the staff were rude. The food was bland at best, bad at worst. My wife attended to eat something but frankly it was bogging.
It was bad bad bad.
This was the worst food we had in New York (not including at the airport. But that’s a different story.) Avoid the Midtown Chinese Buffet at all costs.

We went to the hotel and went to bed.
I was ready for sleep and Monday was going to be a big day.