SU meeting today.

I was really observing the process instead f engaging with it. I studied how te atmosphere changed with the introduction of a minister who wasn’t part of the normal SU group.

The meeting happened people volunteered fro jobs and some were assigned jobs. I escaped resonably lightly. But I did come away with two main observations.

The group is not well formed or confident with itself. Their is an unchalleneged atmosphere of doing the mininmum to survive in the group. This leads to alright or okay event’s but generally not consistantly great events for all.

The way of doing the school mission is all wrong. The basis of this organisation seems to be lets book and band and a drama group and a football team. Then we can get the teams who are paid to perform concerts, drama stuff and football stuff. The program is formed around their skills and talents and then the local chapliancy team fill in whats left to be done. but if anything comes up that maybe s strength of the band, drama team and football people well, they do it, we back out.


PArt of youth work is the valuing of the locality and the context within which the work takes place. Also a valuing of the people within the context. including opportunities to develop and try new skills.

My way of working is this way. What si the context and locality of the mission and the community within which it is taking part. What people are there already and can be used or are willing to work towards the goals/aims of the week. This is what the program is build round. This way each mission is firmly rooted in the local community and surely is more effective in what the mission seeks to do in the long term.

The meeting today could not have been further from the model I try and use in my work. It was long and totally ignored the strengths of the people in the room never mind the strengths of the local people of faith. Infact when challeneged as to why get someone else to do something for us the response was given, “well if it makes it easier for us”.


sorry try again.
Work with young people is not easy.
Work this young people can be really hard.

Not everyone has the skills and abilites to do good work with young people. but everyone can try.

I believe to do good work with any peoppel group you need to give then the best you can and want to ensure where you can that the best is being done. The attitude of they won’t notice shoddy practice or the lack of me trying is a lie

a big fat lie

Young Poeple are viewed in this society either as nice or a threat. mostly nice if you know them well. a threat if you don’t know or like the particular young person.
It is the least we, as the church’s representatives, can do to demonstrate the love God has for these young people by trying to give the best that we can do, also to seeking in prayer that God’s will be done in relation to our community.

imagine if God’s will was done in our community, in earth as it is in heaven.
What would this mission look like then?