Steve Earle – live at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall – 17.01.2008

Steve Earle
Live Thoughts

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My comments thoughts
Generally i enjoyed it. The first half was mostly older songs and the second half mostly newer songs.

The older songs seemed to go down very well with the crowd.

The newer stuff was less popular. I know mostly his work from 2004’s jerusalem album forward. and i like the sound and feel of it. I think alot of fans from the earlier period haven’t heard these albums or rate them. In term of atmosphere this meant the first half of set had a good feeling but the second half of the set seemed somehow more tolerated by the audience.
(Heckler 1 – Play something we know. Heckler 2 – Go buy the new album)

Lots of Heckling. at the Royal Concert Hall? Why?

Good views form the back of the hall.

The place was packed standing tickets for upstairs were unexpected and and interesting addition to the evening.

The DJ bit seemed to play havoc witht he sound for a while? the mixing of a drum and bass track with a banjo and live voice surely can not be that hard, can it?

Really like the song, “Sparkle and Shine” & “tennesee blues

anyway it is fair to say it divided the reviews from 4 to 2 star reviews. I guess it boils down to how well you know the music, what music you know, and your perceptions on the night.

Me I thought for about 2 hours he basically sang songs and i enjoyed and engaged with it. i think thats all you can ask for really.

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