Stat Counter

Recently Andie asked in a comment about how do you find out the stats for your blog. well, this is how.

Stat Counter is what I use to keep track of who and how many people are looking at the blogs I operate.

to get an account go to –

you register, and you go on decide what you want and t takes you through the whole process (Andie)

Tip one, before you do anything, go to your blogger account log in and click on layout.
Check you can add and arrange page elements, as your counter will go in a widget. This makes the process easier. If you cannot do it then upgrade your template to a new xml one and then you can do it.

stat counter is very handy and it really does know the people searching you blog. for my blog i was searched four times today for Akwugo Emejulu, one of my lecturers from Strathclyde University and a fine woman as well.

Stat counter guide you through the process. Also showing how to put it into a blogger widget.

I use the hidden, W3c compliant stat counter. and it is hidden in a widget on the right of your screen.

Anyway statcounter your world.