St Vincent

Yes I am going to see the goodness of St Vincent.

No Not the island but the great singer-songwriter type woman. St Vincent. She has played with Sufjan Stevens, and sounds vocally a bit like Annie Lennox. The music is similar to pop indie sound of Sufjan Stevens, My Brightest Diamond and Feist.

I got the album “Marry Me” in the sumer after the american release. It bears repeated listening and is a real good album.

Should be a good night.

Especially as she is actually the support. Headliners are The National. Now theres a band I am quite keen on seeing.

if you are free you may enjoy an evening of music with The National supported by St Vincent, at Glasgow’s ABC1 upon the evening of the 2nd November.

it will be great.I will be there. what more could you ask for.

what’s that you say? The night would only be made better if rich was there as well.
Ok then, he will be. It really will be a complete night where all your wildest dreams will come true!

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