Spin the bottle, Soul Patrol stylee

I worked today
I did jam Club with 5 children. Simon has been leading since Sharon went off ill. Matt has been assisting today I turned up. SImon did a good job on a difficult subject although I did get confused as the story went on and i thought things got out of sequence.

The church this afternoon we only put out 18 chairs and in the end had about 24 including babies. so it went well. I had a thing to do on catch phrases. The laptop wouldn’t communicate using USB hard drive or 3and a quater floppy disc. (I remember the classic 5 and half inch disc. they rocked.) Anyway I was left without powerpoint so I improvised. I thin it went well. although people did get mixed up that the bullseye catchphrases, (“super smashing great”) , (“Lets have a look at what you could have won!”)

This evening had a prayer meeting for an inter church schools mission, (Soul Patrol, I named it), which SU and local churches are running in the school i work in. We hosted the first prayer event which meant I was on organising duties. I have never organised a prayer meeting on my own before So I tried to mix it up a bit and it went surprisingly well.

We had about 12 turn up to pray.
The event started with us all saying who we were and what had brought us along.
then we had a general open prayer time using the prayer cards specifically designed for the local churches to pray with and for the mission.

We then moved into the majority of the event with three options
spin the bottle.
no kissing but it the bottle points at you take a question from the box and answer the question. whatever the answer is then is the basis for your prayer.
job collage
Using outlines on whit paper, colour in a worker at the mission. Steward, band member, janitor at school, teacher. As you colour pray for all the differenst aspects of that person and the job they do. Once done, stick them to a back ground and write beside what they are job wise and some of the prayer points you dealt with.
In the Hot Seat
A row of chairs up one wall, above each chair is the name of someone or band or one of the churches who are part of the Soul Patrol Mission. Sit in the chair below the piecie of papaer and pray for that person, thing or organisation.

After that time Simon, (My student) gave a few reflections on working in schools in a differenct country. He was not really on the level I hoped he would be but he did manage to make some good points.
We then had an open time of prayer about team issues and it ended after that time.

It seemed a good night but you never can tell. christine asked to steal my ideas. I just laughed.

Originality is really the last resort of the truely desprate