Spin Doctors, Renfrew Ferry, 03 12 05

Last night I went to a great concert by the spin doctors This was the return of the original Spin Doctors line up and boy do they sound great or what.

The support band were awful mostly. Although I did like “mono”.

The concert was at the Renfrew Ferry in Glasgow, a great 400-odd person boat based venue floating on the river Clyde. It is a converted car ferry. Great venue for a gig and the spin doctors sounded awesome.

The new stuff is good on first listen, and the old stuff just rocked big time. Little miss can’t be wrong is a fantastic song to hear live. Anyway great gig, Largish decent crowd.

only two problems.
The drunken idiots standing in front of us, thanks guys, especially mushroom man who seemed intent of supplying the band with drugs of some sort.
Also the sound, the drums were really quite and vocals were not very clear at all.

anyway these were small things on a good night.