spending money 4

Yesteday went a bit mad and spend some money on the internet. (I blame the parents!)
The reasons are complex but mostly revolve around getting a signed copy of Over the Rhine’s new album, Drunkard’s Prayer.

So all mechanidse ordered from Paste Music, possibly the best internet retailer in the world….ever

(All CD’s)
Drunkard’s Prayer by Over The Rhine
Dear Life by Bill Mallonee and/or Vigilantes of Love
The Silja Symphony by AT The Close Of Every Day
Born Innocent by The Proclaimers
Bigger by Annie Quick and/or Stickman Jones
Again, the Distance (O Altitudo) by Cheating Kay
Living In Skin By Jason Harrod
Avacado Faultline by Terry Scott Taylor/Swirling Eddies/Daniel Amos
–Het Dagelijks Brood Sampler By Various Artists

total including postage

paid by visa