Soul Patrol

SOul Patrol was the name of the week long outreach event in Lochend High School

it included workers from SU Scotland, VizAViz, local churches and some special guests.

The week worked with the entire school with the exception of years 5&6. I felt sorry for them. They had a lot of free preiods and seemed to be really interested in what we were doing but, it was not for them. the only real contact they had with us was when they were being thrown out of their common room so we could use it.

The rest of the school had a good expereince I think
every year had an assembely featuring taste the band, and Envisage the drama group.

taste the band

The week wnet well and relations are strong.

The highlight of the week was the two classes we did, Two on Sex, One on “Grill a christian” and one on Forgiveness. The prepared class on Euthanasia didn’t happen. I was a bit gutted about this. Euthanasia was a good piece of work and I felt I had planned well for the class. Anyway Hopefully the door is opened for the possability of helping with future calsses within the RME department.

The concert on the Thursday evening was great. The band and the drama group were excellent. Our special guest speaker Mike McCurry Handled the guys well and interacted to a very large degree with the audience.
Pleasingly the school had put out about 150 seats and over 260 young people came. Including 12 primary 7’s who didn’t even go to that school and several pupils who were on long term eclusions.

I had to do some advertising on stage at the concert. That was probably the weak point in the evening. I got all flumoxed when someone heckled me with the salvation army Uk’s correct webaddress. Hmmm.
anyway i was mostly advertising one of the follow up methods.

The week ended well with lots of interest and questions from the young people on the friday.

I guess the most important thing now is the follow up. Where the website comes in. the opinioon seems to be that by setting up a website that will take care of all enquiries. I doubt this and feel that perhaps that needs revisited soon. It should have been in place before the event, but people thought it was so far off that it wasn’t necessary.

sadly i feel like the opportunites put in place have begun to slip away.

good week. i hope it becomes more than that soon.