Some Podcasts I Like – Music & Sports

Recently I have enjoying listening to podcasts and ItunesU (itunes University). It makes a break form music while driving and can be informative and fun! the two top areas i have been looking at are sports and Music podcasts


npr – live concerts podcast
i couldn’t live without this podcast.
really. it is awesome.
2 hours of Radiohead on the In Rainbows tour live from California, no problem, here you go
The Decemberists premiering The Hazards of Live as a live song cycle, have it free
Andrew Bird live from SXSW last month, here is the whole set, and check the archives for one from 3 years ago.
it is eclectic and wide ranging cast of bands, it is an excellent source of bands who in three months time everyone will be talking about.
It has a two main forms. the long form full concert or the short form Tiny Desk Concert.
my top recommendation.

The Concert – classical music from the Isabella gardener museum

Quite a lovely and surprising pod from the museum.
generally works by a soloist or combination of players up to quartet. For someone like me with no knowledge of classical music this Pod has an easy way of allowing people into the music. a brief introduction from someone at the museum about the theme of the music and the composer, and intro to the players and we are away.
a lovely wee pod.

Canada Live – CBC radio 2

a new discovery – yet the last few updates have brought, Daniel Landois & Emmylou Harris, Cowboys Junkies and Bruce Cockburn.
A nearly very good pod. The only thing stopping it being excellent, is the guy who hosts it, (I think for contractual reasons), he has to speak after every second song, Unfortunately he chooses to impose upon us how important this artist is. but it is edited and divided into chapters well so you can skip over his chapters!

the Guardian Football Weekly with James Richardson

Woooof! what a pod.
it has a light touch, it is funny, to the point, covers the continental game, and has James Richardson from Football Italia!
seriously though it does exactly what you want a football podcast to be, a reflection of the conversation a group of mates who watch a lot of football may have.
and as it is recorded twice a week it reflects whats happening currently which is nice.
very good pod.


The tagline of Sports, Culture & Nonsense, just about sums up this award winning podcast. A good mix of sports chat, analysis of each other and random Kevin Costner addiction the pod is a winner. It covers all four major American sports, (baseball, NBA, NFL & Ice Hockey) which will limit listener numbers and does include the occasional bad word and adult reference, but it does it in a light way.
Quality fun and you don’t even need to know who Curtis Painter is to join in.

Scottish Football Podcast, BBC Scotland

Half an hour or so of the best football news from BBC Scotland. quite listenable and just the right length i think
updated daily which is also nice.

What sports and music pods do you listen too?