snow reflections

As I drove home last night in a couple of inches of snow, I reflected a bit on just how people are. I was in the middle lane of a three lane wide road, the cars on my inside were doing about 30mph. I was doing 35mph in the middle lane, breaking in plenty of room, no sudden movemnents, just taking my time and trying to do everyhting right I could do.

The outside lane was white with a set of tracks in the snow. These old tracks had been filled with fresh snow, to a level of about half a centimeter. Two cars, both valkswagen Golfs, came flying down the outside lane. They were very close together. They were going very fast. I was scared, one false movement everyone was in trouble.

Yet they plowed on, racing to get to the goal.

The Snow, which was providing a calming, yet dangerous influence was being ignored.

This morning when the snow was falling i got a phone call from my employer asking if i would prefer to work from home today. (Which I did.) The inherant danger was being ignored by others but the values wbeing shown by my employer was for safety and wellbeing of others, ultimately this led me to be safe while still working.

This snow had caused me to slow down. Provided space to reflect & think.

Yeah i did some work.

But i also relaxed.

That was a good thing.