Should youth workers slap?

Quite apt cartoon from Dave Walker at Cartoon Church

A DAD says his life has been ‘wrecked’ after he was locked up and got a criminal record for slapping his unruly daughter.

Community worker Jim McCullough was arrested and cautioned when 13-year old Jess phoned police because he hit her for ‘terrorising’ a neighbour.

Now he has quit the football coaching and community centre work he has done for more than 15 years, because the caution could stop him working with vulnerable children.

Mr McCullough, 44, says he has never hit his daughter before but felt it was the only way to get her to understand what she had done after she terrorised a neighbour by banging on her window at midnight.

this is a sad story but, sorry he kinda deserves it.

If the only way you can to communicate with a 13 year old is to physically hit them. then perhaps working with young people isn’t for you.

Our current societal view is that hitting people to communicate is wrong. and perhaps things were better when we had the Belt in school, Public Floggings and Hanging. But the Uk parliament on behalf of the people of the UK decided that was not that great an idea and not what society should do. I wonder if the slap got the message through to the girl, or if it was the fact of her dads criminal record and subsequent job loss which brought her actions home to her?

I believe that you may have assaulted people in the past or done a bunch of stuff which was “nasty” and that you can change. I believe in change. I do wonder though, if you have used a behaviour in the past how likely it is to reoccur. I have been responsible for people with a past and as a someone responsible you do pay more attention to potential risk situations.

Perhaps though I am wrong.
Perhaps I would be a better youth worker if i slapped the young people i work with.

Perhaps not

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