scottish executive/government

Spot the difference compo…



The Scottish Executive have decided to change it’s name to the Scottish Government.
Apparently most people don’t understand the term executive.

In order to make this happen, The executive/government are spending £100000, changing the name of the executive/government.

This is strange,

Possibly, it would have been better to have worked on extending the nations understanding of the work executive instead of deciding to change name instead.

Perhaps this is particularly politically motivated and justification is used t support and overtly political goal.

Nice to see how the tax money it spent. (The bbc report above maintains the cost is nothing compared to the £50 million savings the SNP has identified to be made.)

In future though government, if your listening, could you get a better font for your website header. honestly, it’s shocking. Also what is that flag all about. it’s wrong somehow, but i can’t work out how?

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