Saturday tourism In NYC

Saturday tourism In NYCis kinda scary. Not only did I feel like an out of towner but everyone else looked and had the feel of a tourist. First up we missed breakfast by sleeping in. it was needed. Helen, my wife, didn’t get to the hotel until 12.30am. By the time we had finished chatting and went to bed it was kinda 2am local time. we slept, woke got up showered, dressed and headed out the hotel to town.

My wife had lost her trainer somewhere and needed some footwear appropriate for new yrok. People walk everywhere. it is the ultimate in public transport. Then again after seeing how some people drive i wouldn’t want to drive there, but i digress.

we crossed times square. My wife wanted a look in Toys’r’us. we walked in and first thing that hits you is they have a big wheel in the basement of the store. it is quite simply massive. The the second thing that hits you is the welcomers tring to get you to have your photo taken with Geoffry. fortunately we avoided this. They did have a life sized model of Dath Vader mde out of lego I was impressed with. We alked roung for a while look at potential pressents to bring family home from NYC. On our way round the store we hit the dream section a u shaped wall with plastic tubs in them. Each tub has a half circle perspex cover to keep the stock in.
What you may ask was it?
Only loose lego pieces, every coloure every size for sale in the singular. Missing one square flat see through red bit to finish that model of the millenium falcan. will you can by it here.
un believeable. every peice, every colour, ever shape. I was in lego heaven.
My wifes feet were in pain.
We went to foot locker where she saw a nice pair of Red Puma’s. the shop was busy but their was a ratio of one assistant to every customer it seemed. Efficently she tried on the shoes and bought them.

We went for brunch where I got the bagel pizza, (The picture is further down the blog.), as we like to call it.
It was about 11.30
An elderly couple came in and were seated behind us. we were laughing about the portions sizes so we listened to their order with interest. He oreded a large ham sandwich with fries and a beer, she ordered a small ham sandwich with some water. I was already anticipating the size of this thing before it came out.

His was a slice of bread with 4 inches of ham piled on top of it and a slice of bread on top with a plate ful of chips and a side salad. I was stunned. several times my wife had to ask me not to stare at this massive pile of meat.
i was slighltly surprised that I wasn’t pulled into the gravitational pull of the sandwich such was it’s size. It was a virtual planetoid. it has its on weather system it was that big. It was kinda like sputnik. spherical with sticky out point bits.
(10 points for the film reference)

anyway we left and decided to do the tourist thing of taking the sight seeing bus round the city uptown and downtown. See the sights in one day and get it over and done with. The ticket sellers for these tours are the most agressive sales people I have ever seen. Anyway before going on the tour the sun was out and I asked if we could get sun glasses
We stopped at sun glasses Hut. Security was non existant but being honest, we tried on some glasses. Being on holiday I plumped for some oakley’s and we bought them, got tickets and headed for the uptown loop starting point.

The Uptown loop doesn’t leave from Times square and isn’t as busy as the down town loop. The start point is 3or 4 blocks from times square so not to far.

we did the uptown loop our tour guide was great. we did the downtown loop immediately afterwards. Our second tour guide was not very charasmatic.
for ease here is what we saw in the order we saw it!!
I didn’t take estensive notes but these were the notes i did take

columbia university__manhatten Project building___John Lennon House___Central Park__Micheal DOuglas’s House___Beyonce’s boyfriends house___Will Smith’s street___Columbia Grant’s Tomb___westside story film location___natural history Museaum___Bill clintons office___Mt Siani Hospital/medical centre___Mueseum of NY___Guigenhiem Museum___Metropolitan Museum___Carnegie museum___Fruik museum___National art museum(can’t read my writing)___Central Park Zoo

Times square___ Fashion District___Macys___Empire State Building___Madison Square Gardens___Flat Iron Building___Washington Arch___ST Vincents Hospital__Joe’s Pizzearia___little italy__SOHO___Chinatown__Court houses___Brooklyn Bridge__City Hall__Woolworth building__St PAul’s Ground Zero__Wall street___Custom House__Veitnam Veterans Memorial__Orchard Street___Rockafella centre__Radio City.

We gto back to timse square headed back to the hotl. I had sunburn of windburn form the open top bus. I read the tickets (We could use them for 2 days. The open top sight seeing bus’s in New York are owned by Stagecoach based in perth. The Souter’s have their fingers in many pies.

In the hotel we checked Time Out New york to see what Was on, their wasn’t much we wanted to see or do. we decided to eat though and went to a pizza place recommended in the guide book. Went a great pizza place. really nice, excellent service and massive pizza’s. we have one between us. it was lovely. we went back to the hotel and were exhausted.

content we went to sleep.

not knowing sunday would include, david letterman, ghost, the yankees, the bus and watching law and order!