Same Planet different world.

africa has been a big experience.

I guess it’s up there with getting married and birth of my son as stand out momnets.
Halfway through i guess it is too soon to really reflect on how it has gone.
as a team there are very few disbutes.
we work well together and their is never a shortage of laughsand fun to be had.

But as a team we see poverty and see people who are struggling for eveything they have yet we haven’t been really experiencing it.

we live in a compound.
inside a larger school compound
and I guess the wider poverty of the area is outwith our reach. We have two ladies who cook and clean our house and shop for us. we eat well.

very well.

We have clean water.

when the electricity goes off (usually two days a week) for us. it is a hassle more than a real problem.

I guess this is as close as it is safe/possible to get to what it is like to live in a deprived area of the world without physically moving there.

On monday we go to village and the village will over up a pig for us to eat.and we will live in the houses of local people.

I am trying to prepare to actually see this poverty up close for the first time and live in it. (The village we are going to $1 per day is a very good wage.

same planet
different world