sad news

On Sunday evening, my granny, Jacob’s great granny passed away.

Ellen Wallace Paget had been ill for the passed months and the family had been informed it was only a matter of time. She had rallied several times in the hospital and subsequently in the home. One day she would be lucid and the next nothing. On sunday we got a phone call to go and see her. around 5 pm she quietly stopped breathing.

The funeral is on Friday and I am delivering the Eulogy.

You need to know the past. Jacob will probably not have any memories of his great granny. Strange as she has been a reasonably large figure on myself and his wider family.

Loss can be numbing. I won’t see the open casket, or even the coffin until the service. I don’t want to. Grief is greedy and self centred. I am OK (I think).

Thanks to work for some time off to reflect and prepare in the middle of a busy hectic time.

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