Rockin’ the Ipod – April

The new selection is up as everyone should know.

May I take some time to point you in the direction of At The Close Of Every Day‘s Magnificent and long awaited live album “The SOund Of Someone Watching Me” It was recorded live somewhere in brussels during At The Close Of Every Day‘s tour supporting 16 Horsepower. The Music is crystal clear and is a good starting place to explore the bands older non english music. David Eugene Edwards of 16 Horsepower plays some guitar on the album as well.

Musically they are a really tight 3 piece playing rock which tugs at everything which recognises beauty within you. I like it lots.

If you have never heard these guys before or don’t speak dutch, perhaps the best plac e to start is their 2003 release The Silja Symphony, which thematically tackled the sinking for the Ferry Estonia. great album.

Paste Music Has mp3’s of the band available online.

Also notice The Inclusion of Over The Rhine’s new Live disc – Live From Nowhere Vol.1

more on that later

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