Robots (Film)

I loved this film when I saw it today. It really was a good movie. It did everything it was meant to do.
It was funny.
It had cool charactors.
It had farting jokes.

I watched it with a spring break audience in Glasgow. The 8 year olds loved it. I particualrly liked the way they clapped the Certificate of classification at the begiinnning of the film. I think adults should take this forward.

The story was strong. It doesn’t matter where you are from or your background, you can achieve your dreams. I thought it took about 20 minutes to get into but it did have about 10 points where I laughed out loud. it even felt jst right in the length of the movie. It had good pace and seemed right as it moved and finished. Ewan McGregors voice was actually quite convincing in it’s mid atlantic sound. Although you need to know it’s him to get one of the Jokes.

The ending was great and i would really recommend this movie for all the family fun.