revenge of the sith

revenge of the sith was deeper than I expected. I thought the charactors surprise surprise had some depth. Ewan McGregor seemed to be enjoying being a jedi. Hadyn Christopher still seems as deep as the plank of wood he was acting. The wookies were under used, as was natalie portman. I am sure she is good. if only she actually had something to do in this film. Yoda just rocks but kinda seems to CGI-ed to be honest.

The thing I think that really grabbed me was the music. as ususal the john williams score makes the hair on your neck stand up but it really tied up the film and made it better than I thin it seemed without that music.

So in summary
better than episode 1 or two
not as good as episode four, five or six.

was it a good film though. well yes i think it was okay. The story line did seem kinda contrived and some of the acting wooden but on balance i think it gets pass marks

One thought on “revenge of the sith

  1. Scott,

    Shame on you! This was a great Star Wars Film not as good as the originals but still light years better than the first two!
    Wouldn’t be hard though….

    I do agree the acting at times makes Home & Away look like Carlito’s Way if you know what i mean!

    However it’s NOT a 12A. There was wee wanes behind me kicking Kelly & I chairs and constantly crunching sweetie papers as if Yoda was sooking a cola bottle himself! No seriously the “Darth Vader” bit (you know which one) is just a tad gruesome. I’m not sure about the 12A, I know the Lucasfilm bank account won’t mind but there’s got to be a limit!

    Anyway I cant wait for War of the Worlds & Sin City. They both look superb. What do you think?


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