Remains of the Day

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Today was a good day.
we saw my wife’s parents for a good while, took jacob for a walk with them to the local park. it is wonderful in autumn with the leafs rushing around busy busy in the wind.

My wife started back at University on her MBA today at caley.
She left before 1 pm.
Her mother waited with me for a while. Jacob was really good and slept for a few hours. My wifes father came back and they both left around 3pm. I had Jacob until 7.30pm.
I decided to go for a walk, but my wife was due to call. She had my mobile i didn’t. I don’t know my mobile number.

I got it and called her.

I went for a walk to the riverside. I kinda forgot to stop and ended up at the top of byres road. I bought some CD’s and headed back home. we got the underground home. Jacob slept the entire length of the walk. I was well impressed. we came in and he was good until he got hungry.
I fed him. (from a bottle my wife had left in the fridge for me!)

My wife returned. we had chips for dinner.

Jacob just wanted his mum. It was the first time he had been left without her and really missed her company.

they went to bed hours ago.

this day was generally good.

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