reflections on #iasym2014 paper

Last night I gave my paper at the IASYM european conference 2014 in the Czech republic. My reflections are still reasonably fresh. But important. So this post is (primarily for me to reflect on) and secondly anyone else interested.

The group was small. I was up against two other papers both of which had very strong appeal, so I had realised in advance I would have a small group.

I was conscious that standing at the front talking at people would seem bizarre for the group. So I asked people to move into a small semi-circle and we sat together and talked, the small number lent an informality to the session which I felt was good and helpful. Although I wonder if I talked too fast. As I think standing to speak brings a different physicality and a consciousness that you are addressing people. (Speed of speech was a key point as english was the second language of most people in the room.)

The conference had not sent out the papers to everyone, nor was there paper copies available. I asked for some paper copies to be made, and I think it was the right call. It allowed for following along even if you speech was not clear.

Again my written english need some serious work. When writing for an international audience, (small number but intelligent and well travelled,) my unique use of english is distracting. Clarity is the key.

My paper was 6500words, in order to get into the time for presenting I had to loose 2000 words over the 24hrs before the talk. I need to write more frugally but clearly.

The paper gives some models, Sicarts adapted version of gadamers hermeneutical cycle, and Wells four categories of social engagement. They needed a visual element to make them clear, the clarity of the model was lost in my wording.

Time wise I think I was on time which I think is always welcome!

In the end I think I made a decent go of a first presentation paper. I showed up on time, I my presentation worked, I was able to work computer software in Czech langauge, I read my thing, answered some questions, hopefully looked relaxed, packed everything up and took my rubbish with me.

Good Job