reflecting on the election – #GE2015

beentovoteSo the responses to the general election 2015 are long and varied. For myself, I like my reflection with a sense of humour so here goes with a brief round-up of responses.

American PJ O’Rouke is on the money with “A Point of View” for BBC Radio 4 –

The more explosive reaction, with many expletives, comes from the Bugle podcast, (Jon Oliver & Andy Zaltzman) this made me laugh substantially!

As did the Dead Ringers take on the election. Broadcast on the day after the election, it does seem a bit raw but is remarkably spot on, while taking everyone for a laugh. (For this show it does help if you have a working knowledge of the political characters of the last election and the hosts of the “Today” show on BBC Radio 4).

perhaps the most disappointing satirical take on the a events of the election came from The Daily Show who seem to have missed the mark with their segment.

anyway enjoy listening.