Rcokin’ The Ipod – October 06

Danielson video – “Did I Step On Your Trumpet?” dir. by J. Christiaan Palladino (Youtube)

The october mix is up. If I can draw your attention to several records which have made the mix this month.
Most notably “Danielson” debuts with the album “Ships” This album is hard to describe. Daniel Smith i suppose could be regarded as the Avent Gardes greatest pop writer. He writes these songs and music which bugs you and annoys you but has just great touches of pop brilliance within them. The album is a colaboration between everyone Daniel has worked with over the last few years and people who he would have liked to have worked with over the last few years, so on the album as part of the supporting Cast is Sufjan Stevens and Deerhof.

My favourite catchy tune is Did I Step On Your Trumpet, the video for which is above.
If you get the chance, check out danielson on his european tour this autumn. I’am going.

Join me?