razor sharp birthday

I enjoyed my 29th Birthday.

It was a good day generally. I was working until 9pm so had met up with the family on Wednesday the 18th, (My dad’s B’day), and we had a meal. Jacob was on form and seeing everyone was really nice.

Thursday the 19th started with My wife giving me a cool present, more later, and then having to run to work. I was left to open presents with Jacob. that was nice I mostly got what I had asked peopleforr and some cash to spend on a project or something.


I got some cool cards as well, the mantle piece is pretty full. People have been kind and generous. I got the books pictured below which was cool I am readin the wasps one first. It is a mine of useless information.

My wife and Jacob got me big present though. I had mentioned after our usual christmas conversation, (Wife to me – “You never tell me what you want or give me enough time to get it!”)(true), that I had wanted a straight razor for a while. so she went to a shaving shop in town, “The Perfect Shave” and got me one.
*the one she bought me was out of stock, so for the birthday day she got me a cool one that takes dispoable blades. It rocks*


I was very scared to touch it let along use it.
gradually I became more confident with it to the extent that on Monday evening I shaved with it.

Surprisingly i didn’t really cut myself with it that much.

anyway yesterday the shop called, the real long straightblade one pictured above has arrived.

I am truely scared. and blessed.