Quote of the day

The disorder of secularism is perhaps nowhere more apparent in our contemporary Church than in the extent to which we have permitted the order of the world to creep into the order of the Church… That it should carry out its mission to the men in the middle classes of capitalist society is doubtless a part of the Church’s order; but that the mission should result in the formation of a middle-class church which defends the secular outlook and interests of that class is an evident corruption.
… H. Richard Niebuhr

every so often I check out the Web site Christain Quotation of the Day. It sometimes means nothing to me, or doesn’t strike or jar me. Today thought it kinda hit a nreve with something I have been feeling for the last few years.

that is the reality of church and how best does church get refelct and adopt the bits of secular society which distorts the original message of the mission the church is engaged in or the way we seek to arrange ourselves to follow that Jesus guy as revealed in the bible?