Question of TV (answers on the back of an envelope…)

After chatting with my wife, we decided to see if we could get sky HD tv to our house. The man came and tried to give us Sky HD tv. (He really tried, if he cancels he doesn’t get paid for the time he was with us!) but eventually the trees beat us. Our trees are higher than our 3 floor house so we cannot get Sky HD tv.

So we need a solution.

We live in a valley surrounded by quite big hills so getting a TV signal is quite an issue, currently we cannot get BBC1 or 2 on digital, was can get a poor analogue signal but,
Virgin doesn’t cover our area,
BT Vision relies on a minimum broad band connection speed, (which we cannot vouch for),

there appears to be three main solutions
1 – we buy/rent the field next to us off the rich man and site a satellite dish there.
2 – we replace the entire existing Ariel system for the house
3 – we do away with broadcast media and rely solely on technology such as 4OD, BBC iplayer, STVplayer & OnDemand five.
ideally though any new system/solution would allow for accessibility cross a wireless network to varied different devices.

but we are open to hearing people’s experiences/thoughts?

any ideas? seriously answers on the back of an envelope!