Purchased – kettle, Relationships – changed

On Tuesday our kettle stopped working. With baby milk and stuff, having boiling water quickly is a good idea generally. While boiling on the cooker was effective, it was taking considerably longer than a kettle. Soon Wednesday due to a mobile phone message mix up, I was dispatched to buy a new kettle.

In our town a that time of night you have three options, Tesco, Argos or Homebase. I discounted Homebase as not likely to have a great range, and Tesco was stuck off the list for broadly similar reasons. This left Argos as sole supplier, but fortunately is is surprising the range Argos have. It is broad and wide (ish). I selected a kettle and bought it. What a kettle it is. It has challenged me in ways i never thought a kettle could.

Krups BW4000 Semi Pro
Having lived with it for four days now I really like it. I mean really like it. My relationships with kettles up and until this point has always been kinda ambiguous, but that has changed. ‘why?’ you ask, ‘isn’t a kettle just a kettle?’


the Krups BW4000 Semi Pro is not just a kettle like any other.
1 -it isn’t round or oblong in shape, The Krups has a distinctive square shape to it. I didn’t realise quite how much the shape would challenge my thoughts about kettles.
2 -The Krups has a 2l capacity. The other kettles we have had only had a 1.7 capacity, yet it doesn’t seem bigger.
3 – The Krups is heavier. i had never considered the weight of a kettle before but the Krups feels substantial, while just being right for its size.
4 – Automatic assisted lid. It seems just to make sense and keep in fitting with the rest of the machine.
5 – Concealed element. It gives the kettle an air of mystery, you don’t see the element…does it even exist.
6 – Soft grip handle. It is soft and grippy. Other kettles seem plastic-y and cold in comparison.

Before this week I hadn’t considered my relationship with my kettle. Now I wonder what other relationships I have but am unaware of…