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Garr Reynaulds, the guy from presentation zen, was asked recently to give a presentation at Google.

(Yeah thanks for the info about something we missed.) I hear ya but stick with it.

The cool part of the story is that you can watch the man who’s mission it is to save the world from bad powerpoint, actually do a stand up, in front of someone presentation. yeah nice. but the cool thing is the video is from google who have no real interest in editing down to make Garr look good. so it is probably the best view of a presentation.

Now to be honest it is pretty good as presentations go. I can remember most of what the salient point were and even took notes as i went along. the style used is simple, clear and resonably concise.

I particularly liked the way he advises on using persentations and images.
– don’t be afraid of empty spaces.
– if you were gonna use bullet points put them from the slide onto the notes bit of the powerpoint and think about how to say it perhaps assigning one or two slides per point.
– simple is cool
– do not ever be scared of thinking how to creatively communicate a complex thing. either through cool visual or just a plain hand out.
– don’t ever read the screen. (okay, I knew this before i watched the video, but it doesn’t hurt to have this reemphasised at any point.)

the best part of the experience is that Google regularly have authors and important people, (thinkers, leaders & in to talk about things to their staff. like this one all the talks are videoed and put up on youtube meaning google is giving some cool content to the internet, not just finding and cataloging it.

watch the talk here
. (I did this at work while designing the publicity for the last third sunday event.) just in a small window in the screen. it was really useful.

the rest of the @google talks can be found at youtube here

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