pram broke

So the Pram HAs arrived

The Bugaboo frog. Lovely. I got a great deal due to The pram Center’s deal beating service.

We picked up up yesterday and took all the boxes and accessories up the stairs. we opened it in a rush and started un packing. We found though that the main rectangular bar had a dent and the foam was bust in two places. Bummer

that pretty much tired us out for the evening. I mean it took 10 weeks to get the pram here in the first place. the box was kinda bashed and kinda ripped open. but the guy did opened the box and checked the stock before we left. I guess we were scared that it would take ten weeks to get a replacement piece.

Tonight I went to the pram centre and managed to get the part changed. We also managed to by a Maclaren rocking chair for the Baby when it comes.

All in all the Bugaboo is an awesome pram!