ponoka – a dutch band

After my love affair with At The Close Of Every Day, whose excellent album The Silja Symphony is still one of my top 10 listens, ever. And obviously my pleasurable addiction to I’m From Barcelona, and various swedish detours including Hello Saferide I have recently found a new dutch band to become excited about


Okay I haven’t heard much of their music. but what i have heard i like quite alot. The band are a indie rock band from, Utrecht, with a male/female singing group and a number of good songs. They claim Lemmonheads, Sparklehorse, Eels and Pavement as influences. (I must get that eels best of album.) They are signed to Volkoren the dutch independant label.

Their latest album is called Hindsight and in english. The whole thing is being streamed live on Last.fm it sounds quite pleasent.

but the joy is perhaps more lavish on their Youtube channel. where they have some songs from the album and a new one, the exquisite Disconnected.

The band just strike me as a really cool band who have a good sound that could one day conquer the world!

anyway check them out

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