Ping Pong addiction


I have watched several foreign language films. some being delightful, some being good, some being weird but awesome.

none have got under my skin like ping-pong. it was on TV last night and it just spoke to me again.

the more i watch the film the more i want to watch the film. (small recap – the film is the story of two friends. they differ and life takes turns over the course of a year but table tennis runs a path through the friends differing paths.) There is just something about the film I love. it makes sense. I guess it is a part of me.

the film has an atmosphere which draws me in. I just like it.

Unfortunately for me the wife can’t stand it.
Fortunately for me it is usually on the TV late at night after my wife is much bothered about watching TV!

last night it was on
last night i stayed up for the entire movie.

It was good to see again.