Pete McCahon, Died on Dec 15, 2004.

Pete McCahon died.
I didn’t know him well but I did once make an enjoyable trip to the pub with him. we were accompanied by Mr Henderson, Mr Sorenson, Kirsty, Mr Urqhart and various other people. that evening was very, very entertaining.

At the Carberry festival in 2001(?), the last time I saw him, we were team mates in a very silly game, it was a “guess the sound” game. We sat with our backs to the Host, the host dropped an item on the floor, and we had to guess the item being dropped on the ground behind us.

We lost.

This was not surprising as Mr Sorenson was on the other team and that guy is a class act.

Although on reflection I guess we lost mostly because Pete made me laugh so much.

good guy.

I’m sorry he’s moved on.