Opening and closing

opening and closing

hi there
yesterday i was at the opening of the new local primary school. It was very very political but with colcillers and MSP’s all greeting the invited guests. I enjoyed it, every primary did something including primary one, who impressed by counting to ten in various langauages including the wee boy who did it on his own in Korean. (I did htink he was setting the standard quite high as he wnet first.)

Today I was present at the end of a steering group and the opening of the east end voluntry network. a network of voluntry agencies in the east end of Glasgow. The day was nice and lunch was quite nice indeed. It was good to be at the end of one process and the start of the next process.

I wondered about the idea of marking openings and closings. think i am quite bad at it. small things and big things. I hate the fuss of a public celebration of beginning and the public thanksgiving of ending.
I think I do consider each of these things as part of a larger meta narrative. something larger and bigger. and in that way, it isn’t a start or an end, it is a change to normal, the settled, the accepted.

change will happen, it can be good. I hope it is