Non Political Mafia

After being born a year and a half ago this blog has basically been ignored. I mean my friends and family check it out and read it to make me feel good. I know that. but generally only a couple of strangers evere venture here and read what’s going on.

So I checked through technorati website who has linked to me.
and I found Someone.

Someone I didn’t know has linked to me. Woo Hoo.
I have made it in the realm of bloggers.
Who knows how many blog aggrigators are reading this as we speak.

Anyway The site that linked to me is Mrs Satan.
(Not as demonic as it sounds.)
He had listed me in his links under the title, Non Political Mafia. That Sounds reasonably important and scary!

The downside of this is that I should probably take blogging more seriously and now make a serious commitment to blog once every couple of days just for the people who don’t know how lazy I am or how hectic my life can be.
or perhaps not.
If your a stranger leave a word in the comments

thanks strangers. you guys rock

Technorati website ::[[click here]]::
Mrs Satan Blog ::[[click here]]::

3 thoughts on “Non Political Mafia

  1. Hey Scott –

    Thanks for the mention and Congrats on the 1.5 year anniversary on your blog.

    I began mrssatan in late February 2005 so mine is a relatively young blog and I’m (slowly?) trying to build it up with political and non-political links to other blogs. I ran across you blog, liked it and linked to it. You cover a good variety of issues, especially in the music realm. The New York music scene likes to think they are the innovator of “new” music, but more objective individuals know that new music influence is born in the UK, Italy, Germany, and other countries before it hops across the pond and hits the shores of the U.S.

    mrssatan is my pet-name for “Senator” Hillary Clinton (wife of Bubba The Worst President the U.S. has ever had).

    Keep writing, and stay in touch.

  2. Hmm…I don’t know you, but I’ve liked your blog in the past, and you have ‘Lost Dogs’ in your iPod mix, so that’s pretty cool. Yeah, nice blog!

  3. hi! i’m lynzy, and i am a stranger! altho i linked to u thru rich’s blog so i dont know if that counts! still, i enjoy ur blog and am gradually being educated in a whole new world of decent music courtesy of Rich, and now ur good self! cheers!
    p.s. i am with u 100% about ‘My Humps’ being THE most stupid song of the year, altho must protest in defense of Nizlopi!!!

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