No more Diamond breakfasts

Dominik diamond has gone from the x-fm scotland breakfast show.
I was quite surprised really.

This year the listener figures were good, and dominik had been nominated for radio personality show of the year at the sony awards, up against Mark Radcliffe, Chris Evans and Jonathon Ross. He lost but was the only no BBC Dj on the short list.

The problem comes from X-fm itself.
The parent company G-Cap has been desperate to lose money after making a 7 million pound loss last year. (I think the guardian put it at.)
SO as a cost cutting measure basically they have sacked the DJ’s between 10am and 4pm on all Xfm stations, rebranding it as XU
The idea being that the listener phones in, (in a jubebox style), and request records that the work experience people put on the air.
no DJ’s it’s genius for making money. a bit horrible to listen to to be honest.

The problem has come with staff though. Lauren Laverne has recently left the X-fm London breakfast show. no doubt nothing to do with her increased profile from doing the Culture show on BBC 2 and needing a wage rise to reflect her increased importance to the station.

For Mr Diamond the story gores he wanted a substantial wage rise to reflect the 18 months of success he has had at the station. (and the sony nomination in arguably the hardest category).
The bosses in Glasgow were willing to accommodate the requests he had made and reported back to the big bosses in London. The bosses in London though needed to cut costs and decided to let him go. The internet reports suggest Julian Synclair (famous brother of Big Borther winner Cameron) will do the breakfast show for around half the price of Mr Diamond.

I don’t know I understand if your trying to save monney getting rid of the high earners from the stations is a logical step, but these were the guys who bring the audience peaks in the day for you, there fore doing away with the big earners reduces audience figures, which will impact on advertising revenues in the long term costing you more money and creating the opportunity for more debt.

It seems reasonably silly to have got rid of the biggest asset for nothing, when money is needed.

see you dominik.
you were a real alternative to Radio 1. I guess it’s terry wogan from now on.