New Phone – Nokia e65

two weeks ago I got a new phone.
after 3 years of using the motorola razr, it has gone into the recycle pile.
It was old. had problems holding it’s charge, bits had fallen off and it had started phoning people from my pocket which was slightly dodgy.

the e65 got great write ups and looked cool.
the problem was i couldn’t find one in the shops.
so we walked in and asked for it as an upgrade. they had some in the shop but not on display. Cost £20 as an upgrade and the deal was done in 15 minutes or so.

It is 3G running symbian software. It has the blackberry software for e-mail stuff.
I don’t inted to use half it’s functions. but of the cool things i have fould recently is.

It can use WiFi to surf the internet. Meaning I don’t need to use the (O2) provided internet service on my phone. But I am still able to use the 3G usefulness in specific situations.

It has a mute button. just so handy.

it’s actually a good phone. The reception is good, the microphone sounds reasonably lifelike and the loudspeaker sounds quite good.

the only annoying thing so far is the fiddly way of confirming everything. the middle button, which you can use for selecting, you go to the phone book, select the name, sellect the number, select you want to call
then you select between voice or video call.
frankly its a bit to much for me.

anyway generally very good. The photo’s of the watch in the post below were taken in by the phone and look reasonable for a phone photo.

so new phone, and it is going well.

Oh, sorry I forgot.
Nokia in their wisdom have a suite of software which goes with the phone. It’s only compatable with windows. Hello. Mr Nokia. some people are not Windows users. Please could we have some Mac compatability?