New Links

New Favourite Links (under the Rocking the Ipod on the right hand side) – two excellent blogs in Jenn and Pip Wilson’s Blogs

Jenn is great.
We went to africa on the same team. I really like her, her attitude and her way of being with people. Her blog is just her wondering reflecting and being herself/ it is an excellent read and genuine representation of who Jenn is.

go read it.

Pip Wilson is a legend
His blog is challenging, humbling, inspiring and i think a real representation of who Pip is. I use his resources, I read his blog, i have read his books. I have never met him but I know he has influenced me, given me things to think about.

Currently I am thinking through the Informal Education opportunities the Ipod show provides. (yeah without ever having been there either.)

The main reason Pip has a link on my page is much to my surprise and Delight I have been given a Link on Pip’s Website.

Thank You and Hello there.

Go read, be inspired and encouraged.