New Jacket

Howies as a company I like. the website is half cool clothes half radical socialist manifesto. They have a library where you can borrow books they like for free. like how cool is that. the story of Howies vs Levi’s brought a smile to my face. probably to much watching the apprentice and working out how a campaign like the one howies describe, would just dumbfound the finalists.

anyway i was surfing their website, which is well worth investigating. Including the sale section where I spotted a jacket I liked the look of so I bought it.

thats right. I have bought a new Jacket. The Freerider Camo Jacket. it is gray/blue with a slight leaf motif providing a camouflage on the jacket. It fits very well. and I was happy with the £110 discount for the sale.

it was posted on the Friday and arrived on the Tuesday. In a great brown envelope. The coolest thing was the parcel tape howies have made. if you get some you’ll understand.

I was just excited that I have a new jacket from a cool company.
I migh take the belt off it though!