new jacket

I have a new jacket!
yeah I have made my second personal purchase of the current sale season. this time from my favourite clothing company, Howies. a company which seems to have three key parts to them.

kinder to the environment, developing clothing practices using mostly organic materials, they try to make the world better through the work they do

sports. Howies clothing is build for being acting and moving, cycling, bmxing, snowboarding, surfing and skateboarding. I guess it is a lifestyle thing as much as anything else but it does look gorgous in the catalogue.

do-ing. the concept behind the company is if you want to make clothes and look after the environment then do it. if you want to change the way your customers think by a weekend of lectures, then do it. If you can make things better then do it.

They are an inspirational company which always sparks thought and ideas (especially their blog)
anyway they recently announce they had some jacket in the sale which were going quick. I was fortunate enough to get one.
I am quite pleased!me_tracker_cement_open