new and inproved.

every Month I will post the eight albums that I Have listened to the most from the figures collected from My Ipod, and My Page at Last.FM .

The section is on the right of the page under the links section. It has photgraphs of the cover of each album.
If you pass your curser over each picture it will tell you the band name and album name.
If you click on a picture it will take you to the appropriate artists website.

This will be as accurate as possible. the Ipod tells me about me on the move and work, while the Last.Fm tells me about My Home Computer.

hope this proves useful.

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2 thoughts on “new and inproved.

  1. Last.FM says –

    Cliff Richard – Wind Me Up(Let Me Go)
    17:21, 14 August 2005

    We say –

    what were you thinking??

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