Never Say Goodbye…Carberry Finale/celebration weekend

“Leaving new york, never easy” sang R.E.M.

Leaving Carberry was not easy. I wanted to leave well but I am not sure I have achieved it.

I wanted to say goodbye
I wanted to leave well
I wanted to be right.

In the end I just left. quietly. without goodbyes. without waving.
I walked up the dinner hall smiled, walked back down and out the door.
I looked back. at the scene I wanted to remember.

the dinner hall being busy, noisy, people queuing, eating, laughing, talking.
not about me.

My arrival at carberry was quiet and late.

On a July Friday evening in 1998 my brother said Eddie Williamson was doing a 2 week festival. I could possibly go and do sound stuff. I called he said yes. I couldn’t make it until the sunday morning. Not a problem I said, be there at 9.30 he said.

So i headed for a place near edinburgh called carberry.
I hadn’t looked at a map, i only knew it was near edinburgh.
I drove to edinburgh and stopped at several petrol stations onn the bypass. going in and looking at the road maps checking where i was going.

Eventually I got there.
11am, tea break. I was sent to get the tea and cakes for being late.
I only knew one person who greeted me.

I left quiet and early
Only Chris knew I was going
I thought I had made my peace with things ending.
sadness was around me.

i left.
the ipod played.

I thought about everything I should have said and everything i should have done.
All i wanted to do all i wanted.
I thought.

Leaving was hard.
saying goodbye. never

see you soon.
Hopeful and good. i like hopeful and good.

thank you sarah, thank you amy, thank you andrew, for contact since. it means alot.
If you wish, reach out, touch virtual fingers.

speak to you later?