Nativitymageddon #nativitymageddon

For immediate release to all editors —
Miss Paget reprises legendary role as Mary for the sold out 2014 nativity season at ROMps.

Miss Paget, the actress whose portrayals of Mary the mother of Jesus, were acclaimed by audiences and critics alike at concurrent productions of the nativity story by both 2013 GYC productions and 2013 Greyfriars Parish Church Players, is reprising the role as Mary for the 2014 ROMps production. “I’m always Mary, and I only want to be Mary.” Miss Paget was quoted as saying, continuing, “my favourite part is lifting the baby jesus and holding him, before putting him back down again.”

Some critics have questioned if at her stage in life, Mary is a role which can be reprised in 2015 or beyond. “Once you reach the age of 6 or 7 the mix of innocence, world weariness and being cute which the role of Mary requires is very hard to pull off”, said Bob Jamieson, nativity reviewer for  the Lanark Mirror.  Miss Pagets career is reflective of this with both Miss Paget and Miss Small, (Miss Small’s performance of Mary for GYC in the 2014 was also lauded), are next to be seen in the role of Angels in the 2014 Greyfriars Parish Church Players upcoming nativity production. 

“I’ve been Mary everywhere, so I think I am ready for a change” Miss Paget opined. “I think I am going to be an angel. Angels are girls and get pretty dresses and sparkles.” Although when pressed about a long term move to the role of narrator, this was viewed with distain. “Narrator, NO! I don’t want to learn all those words.” 

Miss Paget’s final nativity performance of the 2014 season can be caught on Sunday 11am at Greyfriars Parish Church Players, Greyfriars Parish Church, Lanark where she will perform in the role of an angel, a performance to be broadcast live on the Internet to a world of inquisitive onlookers.