My phone is dead.

So my phone died. You can read all about how it gave its life to support me running to get fitter. check the gory details of its noble end / beginning of life as a paper weight here. #runninginglasses – week 4 run 2 – death of a phone.

So tomorrow i have to go to the fruit shop and try and get a new one. The genius bar have a policy of exchanging iPhones which cannot be repaired, sometimes at their digression for free, other times for around 80-100 poinds. (although I did hear somewhere that the power to do this had been taken from the genii). The routine is pretty simple, tell the person what happened and ask if there is a way the genius can solve the sleek, black paperweight problem for me.

On a wider note, I am pleased to see how i have handled not having a phone. I have been quite happy not to have it. I have been ok without another smart device in my life. I am aware i don’t phone many people or text people, but i am pretty sure people can reach me wherever I am if it is urgent. I know that it is the weekend and the difference between being with my family and travelling together, and tomorrow when we all go our separate ways and I am on the train, being out all day. Tomorrow might be a very different thing. I am carrying a phone, but not the main number for emergencies.

So what am i carrying? Well my options are the iphone 4, 20140202-231838.jpgthe motorola v80 20140202-231850.jpgthe nokia e65 20140202-231857.jpgthe samsung galaxy sIII20140202-231904.jpg

Not sure yet, but it is a nice choice to have to make!