My Notes on Emerging Church (as if you care!)

Rt Rev. Graham Cray is the current Bishop of Maidstone and Bishop for Mission in the Diocese of Canterbury. He was invited to address Emerging Church Fringe Event at the Church of Scotland’s general assembly 2009

thanks to the assembly being a bit technical savvy the whole thing was webcast live, thanks to my twitter campaigning (Yeah its all me folks!), it was also recorded and put on the church of Scotland website for future watching. Well done and thank you to the web boffins, it is a good thing that has been done!

I watched it today and took some notes. So i don’t forget them here are my my notes.

(You may wish to watch/listen as you read!)

– the same won’t work
– faithfulness won’t just work

church has become – peripheral, obscure, irrelevant and confusing

the job of emerging fresh expressions of church is to lead them to become church for their own culture. Not to a slightly modernised church culture?
To be agents of god’s kingdom where they are?

CofE Study conclusion parish system unable to do the parish system Job
New way forward, new and old interdependent partnership. not new only, not old only, but both. Church essentially mission because we serve a missional God. Therefore church is essentially mission. Mission is not an activity some of us engage in as part of a bigger church thing.

Rev. Torrance quotes.
“The church is included, in participation through the holy spirit, in the sons mission in the world.”
“church is , through the holy spirit, participating in the incarnate sons communion with the father ”
looking at church starts with Christology.

not niche church
not self indulgence cause currents not what it is like
give up church as we like it, giving it up for someone else.
dying to live.

Acid test
Is the Holy Spirit there?
If the holy spirit is there then incarnation is possible.

Relinquish out missionary presubositions.
Planting not cloning

See what God is doing and respond.