My Forgiveness Project

Image called “Forgiveness” by Lora Shelley

Tonght in the youthwork i was doing we looked at forgiveness.
What a killer subject.
What was God thinking about when he gave us this immense gift.

I guess the full revelation of what this is all about will never be recognised in this life.

My family have forgiven me some aweful things. so has my wife.

How do I somewhow manage to communicate a subject the awesomeness of which i can hardly comprehend to some young peopel who also struggle with it. all perhaps I can do is provide space and an atmosphere where young people can, listen, question and find out for themselves.

It is so easy to say that God will forgive us.
I wonder if the reality of this actually took hold of workers and young people alike what the church would look like.

2 weeks ago i made a girl cry.
she has been called a “smelly cow” by some of the boys from the local estate.

I told here that god loved her, she wasn’t smelly, or a cow. she was a beautiful human person who god loved.
desired to grow into an awesome woman.

she cried.
I think the reality of God had met her face to face.
I don’t know if she accepted it or turnedaway and thought she was unworthy. but I pray the former.

I need to cry.
The awesomeness of this work just blows my mind.
but how do i respond to this knowledge.
warmth in my heart

I am thankful for the chance to work with these guys.
I am scared that i muck up.

I am rooted in forgiveness and love.