Money. (for washing and your chips….)

When doing the household chores, the rewards are just doing a good job in and of itself. the one job with a perk is the laundry. The main perk is the occasional discovery of money are you check the trouser pockets before they go into the machine. (If its a bad day a couple of snotty hankies are all you get.)

Quite often my wife will leave me a pound or two, if I a really lucky five pound note she has forgotten about in her pocket. I like to think of this as a small tip to ensure I read the washing care label carefully and follow the instructions. (Hand wash only and no tumble dry being the major instructions which provide obsticales. )

The money usually gets pointed out to the owner at the end of the day, and if not needed would to towards a treat for the boy and girl or lunch money or bus fares or summit.

Yesterday, I got very excited emptying the tumble dryer. there was a note which had shaken itself loose. wow.
in fact on closer inspection their was two notes. ‘My wife had seen the job I was doing and had sent me a good tip ffor doing a good job. Hurrah.’ I thought. I emptied the machine and went back for the rewards, glowing with self satisfaction.

I took out one then two, looked at them.
I held in my hands 30 dollars from the US of A.
Brilliant. Possibly

My Mind Raced with questions…
1 – How much is $30 in £?
2 – Why did my wife have dollars in her pocket?
3 – Had she been shopping with dollars to take advantage of a favorable exchange rate somewhere, and this was her change?
4 – Where can you spend dollars in Lanark and is it a good exchange rate?
5 – What could you ransom for $30 dollars and were the police aware of this?
6 – was my son running an illegal money exchange buisness in the playground and was this his profit margin for one day?
so many questions.

so whats the meaning of this whats the back story? will it ever be discovered?
How big a reward is a puzzle?